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MGB Restoration Project

Well, what do I say about this one. As my wife says, this didn't exactly fit my character, but over Christmas of 2019 I got obsessed with the idea of purchasing a little British car. What caused this? Well at work in the shop they were donated a 1974 1/2 MGB. (the 1/2 is important because there were some major changes that happened between 1974 and 1975). So this is the very first of the rubber bumper vehicles with raised ride height, but with with the old style twin SU carbs (I'm acting all intelligent now but at that point I had no clue).

The long and short of it is that I bought it for $1500CDN, it wasn't running, had a trashed interior but otherwise was assured it didn't have much rust... Oh Eric, how naive!!

Of course I have no clue when it comes to vehicles in any meaningful sense. Aside from changing a tire or some oil I have very little experience under the hood of any vehicle! What you will find here are my ongoing adventures attempting to make this vehicle my daily driver. Below are some pictures and a little video of how I first found Rusty (it's new name)....

It's an MGB! Engine Bay Broken Softtop The Back The Front

Last Updated: June 6, 2020