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Here's a weird little detour.... My dad was talking about my project to some people from his Bible study and one of the women in the group contacted him later and asked him if I'd like an MGB.... So very generously I now have yet another parts car... But this one drives well, so I am driving it, while I fix up my other body for poor Rusty.

It's a '77 so a little newer than my '74 1/2 so there are a few differences. The dashboard and instrumentation are quite different, but like all late model MGBs it does sport the front and rear anti-sway bars! Other differences are a bigger radiator, missing oil cooling radiator. Anyhow here's a little couple pics, then back to getting the '74 1/2 back on the road.

Lucy! Rear Engine View 1 Engine View 2 Engine View 3 Dash Shifter

Last Updated: September 29, 2020