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Tandy TRS-80 Micro Color Computer Model MC-10

MC-10 Open Box


Don't actually know a ton about this computer. It was given to me a couple years ago in it's beautiful box but I've been unable to test it as I don't have a TV with the proper inputs to use with it. Someday soon I hope! It looks like at some point someone did a hardware mod of some sort. Here are some pictures including the mod.

Back Expansion Port
Mod1 Mod2
Mod3 Mod4


Processor: 0.89 MHz Motorola 6803
Video: 32x16 Text Mode, 64x32 BASIC 8 Colours, 128x192 Machine Code 2 Colours
I/O: RF video out, Expansion port, Tape (DIN6), Serial (DIN5)
Power: 8V AC 1.5A adapter
OS: MicroColor Basic 1.0 by Microsoft

Manual Serial Manual Cassette

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Last Updated: March 23, 2019