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This is the Macintosh I've owned the longest. I've always found a reason to keep it around. Originally from a greenhouse this little machine used to keep books on MYOB and other early accounting programs. It also has an old version of MS Excel installed.

I've seen a number of other SE models around, the FDHD model acronym means, Floppy Drive High Density (1.4MB).

The SE was also the first Macintosh to be quite expandable, it has a SE PDS expansion slot and two internal floppy connectors. My particular model was built in 1989, but it's still going after 20 years.

Recently I had trouble with the analog board. The Macintosh SE/30 repair page listed below helped me fix it quite easily by fixing a single solder joint!

Open Side

PSU Capacitor Replacement

While you can replace the PSU in your SE with a modern ATX, I recently re-capped an older Sony CR-44 PSU for a Dual 800K floppy model. Here is the capacitor list below.

Qty Position Value Voltage
2 C164,C165 4.7µF 350V
1 C168 100µF 16V
1 C265 47µF 25V
1 C269 1µF 50V
3 C270,C275,C276 22µF 25V
1 C262 3300µF 10V
3 C261,C263,C266 2200µF 16V
1 C258 6800µF 10V
3 C259,C264,C279 470µF 16V
1 C257 4700µF 16V
1 C162 620µF 400VDC

Current Specifications

Processor: 7.83Mhz 68000
RAM: 4MB 150ns 30-pin SIMMs (will not work with two-chip 1 MB SIMMs. Jumper block must be set to high density)
ROM: 256KB
Addressing: 24 bit only
Video Resolution: 9" b&w screen, 512 x 342 pixels
HDD: 80MB Seagate SCSI internal
External 1: 20x SCSI CD-ROM
Floppy: 1.4MB Superdrive
Internal Expansion: SE PDS Slot
External Expansion: Floppy, DB-25 SCSI, ADB x2, DIN-8 RS-422 x2, Audio-In, Audio-Out
Battery: 3.6V Lithium
Gestalt ID: 5
Production Dates: August 1, 1989 - October 15, 1990
Original Price: $3700
Size (HxWxD): 13.6" x 9.6" x 10.9"
Weight: 17lbs
Part #: M5011 (SE FDHD)
OS: Mac OS 7.0 (Can use System 4.0 to 7.5.5)


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