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Engine Removal

Step 1

Here we have my MGB's lined up in a row in the driveway/garage. Since I'm STILL waiting for my head studs and cylinder head I decided to go ahead and remove Rusty's engine this past Saturday. It was a nice cool slightly overcast spring day, perfect temperature.

I had already removed the cylinder head (much easier than Lucy's I might add) and so to prepare for removal I first had to remove the following to make the job easier.

1. Radiator and shroud.
2. Distributor cap.
3. 4 Engine mount bolts
4. Drive-shaft bolts from the transmission end.
5. Speedo cable
6. Transmission mount and bolts from rear of the transmission.
7. Exhaust manifold.
8. Oh yea... Don't forget to empty the oil and coolant!

Step 2

I re-threaded two head studs to the front and rear of the engine block in order to lift the engine clear. Initially I only removed the rear bolts from the drive-shaft to the rear axle but this just made the engine get stuck on removal.
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
And here we are.... Sweet dirty victory after like 6 hours of labour. I'm one step closer!

Last Updated: May 10, 2021