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Franklin Ace 1000 Manual and Schematics

I don't actually own a Franklin Ace, but I did stumble across a manual about 15 years ago that I've been hanging onto. I finally took the time to scan it for those of you that are interested.

Adrian Black recently did a great restoration video on his Ace 1000 which got me inspired to do this.

Youtube: Apple II+ Clone: Inside the Franklin Ace 1000 (w/ bonus RIFA smoke)
Youtube: Franklin Ace 1000 Repair: Motherboard and Keytronic keyboard

The order shown below is exactly as it appears in the actual manual.

Seven Commandments.pdf
Ace 1000 Motherboard Logic.pdf
Ace 1000 Memory Array.pdf
Ace 1000 Video and IO.pdf
Ace 1000 Video Phase Modulator.pdf
Ace 1000 Color Card.pdf
Glossary Index and Formats.pdf

Last Updated: September 30, 2020