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October 2022 Update

I've had a pleasant summer. This year has been late to get started in terms of weather but it lasted a long time! It's not often we get good weather right into late October. It's been great to get car stuff done. I also took the opportunity to use my new found knowledge to do some work on my Mazda 5 replacing the front and rear shocks. But anyhow, back to Emmett!

I spent a good deal of time on the interior when the weather wasn't too nice. In addition to doing the seats in August, I obviously had to deal with the carpet first. I purchased some Kilmat sound deadening on Amazon, way more sound proofing than originally came originally on the car. The carpet Kit I've had from Moss for over a year. It felt good to get that box emptied and finished with!

Carpet 1 Carpet 2 Carpet 3

It was time to say goodbye to Lucy as well. After serving me well for six months as a daily driver,a blown the head gasket later I've been slowly harvesting it for parts. Emmett has inherited the brake booster and pedal box, various electrics, front suspension including anti-roll bar and tires, soft-top and gas tank. So basically, I stripped it for all the useful bits and then gave Lucy to my neighbour who has lent me a bunch of tools, in order to scrap the leftovers and get some coin back.

Engine Removal Bye Lucy!

Finally it's time to turn to the engine. I've got Lucy's now as a backup but the main engine from Rusty actually has lower mileage... And like I noticed in a previous episode, that engine is actually from a Morris Marina. So as you can see here it is... Super dirty on my garage floor. With Dad's help we separated the engine/transmission with the help of sexy hairy Sean Connery. I honestly didn't notice this until way later that he was staring at me like that....

Dirty Engine/Transmission Split Engine/Transmission

After removing the transmission I noticed that we have a problem... Looks like we have an oil leak from the rear seal. Tons of muck on the inside of the bell housing. Here it is before and after a good cleaning

Dirty Transmission Clean Transmission

After removing the pistons, crankshaft, and front and back plates I've was able to clean the core properly and give it a paint. The final product looks a heck of alot better. Despite apparently having originally painted blank there was almost no paint left at all on the block.

Cleaned Engine Ready to Paint
Painted Block

I'll do another page on the rest of the engine restoration. For now that's it. But yea... as has been my custom I'll end with something fun. I got some new hubcaps!

New Hubcaps!

Last Updated: November 16, 2022