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January 2022 Update

It's January 2022 and I've been working on a variety of things since last I posted about this project. I'll post some more specific items but here are some highlights.

I pulled off the suspension from Lucy since it appears as though there was a fair bit of work done recently on fresh bushings and an anti-sway bar. And honestly I knew the brakes worked quite well so it was an easy decision. It is actually quite trivial to remove the front cross-member with the whole front suspension assembly. The steering column is removed first, then there are simply four bolts that are taken out and the whole assembly drops out of the bottom.

Suspension Removed

Below is the nasty dirty assembly.

Dirty Suspension

Dirty Suspension Closeup

Yup, nasty. Without a spring compressor it is dangerous to attempt removing the springs and dismantling the whole shebang. Instead I need to get the stuff back on the car after cleaning it up as much as possible. I think I probably spent like 12-15 hours cleaning this silly stuff. Engine cleaner, water and a wire wheel did the trick eventually. After this I painted as much as I could. Further work will have to be done once the assembly is back on the vehicle and I can remove the springs. I also cleaned up the brake calipers while I had the opportunity. I guess I'll have to get some more pictures of the finished product.

Cleaning Suspension

There you go... Below is the front valance and anti-sway bar. Ready to go back on.

Front Valance and Antisway bar

And here we go, everything ready to go back on. This evening my daughter and I worked together to bolt it back on. The steering column is next to go in. Probably tomorrow.

Finished Suspension

A little fun... I created a sticker for the negative earth warning.

Negative Earth Sticker

Next steps will be to turn my attention to the engine and transmission.

Last Updated: January 13, 2022