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The original Macintosh, the reason 1984 was not like 1984... according to the Superbowl commercial anyhow. I was walking around Value Village in grade 11 when I stumbled upon this lovely computer, complete with carrying case, keyboard and mouse.

Over the years I have found an original ImageWriter printer and an external 3rd party 400k Floppy drive. Although the original, this computer is quite limited having only 128k of RAM for a full graphical system. I'm running system 0.98 off a single floppy disk.

The floppy disk makes quite a distinctive whirring that is quite satisfying when booting and loading. For booting from a floppy system 0.98 is quick to boot.

Carrying Case Open Carrying Case processor Side Profile Rear of Macintosh Logo Detail

Current Specs

Port Detail

Processor: 7.83MHz Motorola MC 68000
RAM: 128KB RAM soldered to motherboard
Video: 512 x 342 dots on black & white 9" monitor
I/O: Two serial (RS 232/422) for printer and modem, mouse, external floppy, audio out
Floppy: 400k 3.5"
Printer: ImageWriter
OS: System 0.98
Model: M0001


February 1984 Byte Magazine Review

Last Updated April 4, 2022