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Parts Pickup!

Time for a trip to Drake's British Motors in Kelowna BC! I happened across their site a number of months ago when looking for local parts for my car. I found advertised a decent deal for a parts vehicle and so it was time to go up for a look. I have to thank our sister school in the region for letting me borrow their car trailer and my friend from work who drove with his Honda Pilot as my Mazda 5 can't haul, let alone haul over the Coquihalla Highway the mountain pass between the coast where I live and the interior of BC.

The trip took about four hours, after leaving around 8:00AM we arrived in Kelowna for a hamburger at Triple O's and a sit by Okanagan lake before arriving at our destination. Upon arriving we met with Scott Drake, who showed us around.

First Look

Yep, they have quite the yard of many different British cars, right next to this body shell is an MGA and there are a variety of other Triumphs and MGs sitting around.

I wish I had taken more pictures, Scott and his father Len have some very nice vehicles restored in their garages.

Here's a picture of the trailer ready for loading...

Ready To Load

k, so, here we are hooked up and ready to pull it out.

Ready to Tow

But how to pull it out? Why, use a Triumph TR6 of course!

Finally we're loaded up and on our way, on our way back we encountered a semi, fully on fire on the way back down... sometimes the Coquihalla is not kind, especially on the big hills.

Loaded Fire!

At the end of the day, I got a great deal, Scott and Len were excellent hosts for the few hours we were there, I'm sorry Len we couldn't stay and enjoy a beer with you both.

So, got some good parts for my car and some bonuses too! I went up for a fender and a parts vehicle and I managed to score a hard top and there was a chrome bumper in the passenger side too! Maybe time for a chrome conversion?


Drake's British Motors

Last Updated: May 30, 2020