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As you can see my MGB seats are in very poor condition. Below is the driver's side seat. Just a mess really. The vinyl is ripped, the cushions are degrading and the webbing is obviously collapsed. Time to fix it.

seat 1 seat 2

The seat covers are held on quite simply with some c-clips. Removing these and the covers and cushions come right off. Unfortunately I was so eager to get this done that I didn't take quite as many pictures as I'd like.

seat 9

The seat frames are in pretty good condition. Kinda rusty, but actually not as bad as Lucy's seats... Those were really bad. I sanded them down and gave them a repaint. I also took some time to repair the webbing using most of the original materials.

seat 3 seat 4

There you go... Seat frame all painted up nice!

seat 5

I ordered the new seat covers from Watford Classics. Way cheaper than anywhere else I could find and they're of decent quality. Not quite the same as the original pattern but I saved some good money. Only problem is that the headrest holes are not present in the new seat covers. I had to cut them out as best I could. I did a decent job of it I think.

seat 6 seat 7 seat 8

There's the finished product... They fit in nicely. It's a huge improvement!

seat 10 seat 11

seat 12

Last Updated: October 23, 2022