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MGB Printable Parts

I've designed a couple replacement parts for my MGBs. You can print (or cut) your own with the models below

'77-80 Speedometer and Tachometer Lenses

My Speedo lens on Lucy was extremely discoloured and cracked. It's fairly easy remove the speedo and Tach on these models by rotating it counter-clockwise 90 degrees and pulling it straight out. The metal lens cover also twists off by aligning the notches on the backside.

I designed these lens in TinkerCAD and lasercut it using the Trotec Laser at work. The material is 0.93" thick Acrylic purchased from Home Depot.

Old and New Lens Installed

77-80 MGB Speedo Lens.svg
77-80 MGB Speedo Lens.svg

'77-80 Blanking Plate

There are a couple of optional accessories that my MGB doesn't have. MG kindly blanked out these spaces on the dash with a little plastic rectangle, but sadly one of these has gone missing. Here is a simple replacement for 3D printing.

Blanking Plate

Download: Switch Blank 77-80 MGB.stl

Negative Earth and Unleaded Fuel Stickers

We purchased a fancy new printer at work and I've been learning Adobe Illustrator. Here are a couple decals that can be print and cut on a Roland in VersaWorks.

Negative Earth Unleaded Only

Negative Earth (PDF)
Unleaded Only Sticker (PDF)

'62-80 Vent Cover

The open vent on the MGB gets all sorts of leaves and crud in it, especially on a windy or rainy day. This vent is printed in three pieces and is held in place on the car by placing neodymium computer hard drive magnets between the layers of the print. I printed this on a Lulzbot Taz6 as it needs the 30cm x 30cm workspace. It's a big print! Finally, the model prints flat which does not conform to the curvature of the car. Applying some heat from a heat gun to the model while it's on the car helps it find its correct shape! Also finally, finally, adding some felt to the bottom of the cover also protects your paint. The magnets are super strong.

Vent Cover

MGB Vent Cover Top.stl
MGB Vent Cover Bottom.stl
MGB Vent Cover Logo.stl

Last Updated: July 19, 2021