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Learning Metalwork

I've got the parts car for Rusty and now it's time to do some metalwork. I've had quite the job, I ended up being afraid of the welder for a couple months before getting brave and giving it a shot.

Step 12

There were a number of areas that needed work. What follows is a montage of the body work that got done.

The most obvious, once I removed some Bondo, was a bashed passenger side panel that was also rusted out. Digging further I found the inner sill was also rusted and bashed apart.
See the fix here

The driver side dog leg appeared to have a small rust hole, once I cut it out, I noticed the inner sill was also rusted out. Sigh.
See the fix here

Someone had started hacking out the rear tail light.
See the fix here

The fender mounts were mangled.
See the fix here

There was a hole in the drivers side floor.

The crack of Doom had appeared in the passenger door.
See the fix here

There was some weird bondo work and a slice on the passenger rocker panel.

The drivers side rocker panel was rusted out in the front corner.

Last Updated: March 16, 2021