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Driver Dogleg Repair

Yes the dreaded crack of Doom. This is caused on MGB's by a weak spot in the door skin by the quarter light. The frame naturally flexes and can cause this tear, also closing the door by the quarter light. Lucy has it in both doors and so does Rusty...
Step 1
I started the repair by drilling a few holes on both sides to puddle weld a back plate behind from behind.
Step 2
Here's the plate I cut out of some thicker gauge steel
Step 3
Here you go, clamped in place ready for the weld.
Step 4
The patch is now welded in place and the crack has now been sealed up.
Step 5
I got a bit aggressive in grinding the welds down. This will have to be fixed with a bit of filler, but this door won't crack again! I did the same thing on the driver side door and my technique improved a bit... I'm still such a noob at metalwork.
Step 6

Last Updated: February 27, 2021